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I originally met Christen back in junior high when we attended Edna Karr together and later reconnected though her husband Ryan who is also in the insurance industry. As a travel agent specializing in Disney travel at her sister-in-law’s agency The Mouse Detectives, Christen has helped plan many memory-filled vacations.

My family and I go to Disney World frequently and having seen all the work and planning my wife has to do in order to get us there really makes me appreciate the work that Christen does.

The fact that there are services like hers that take the trouble and frustration out of planning a vacation is simply amazing–I’m excited share the services Christen offers at the Mouse Detectives.

Meet The Mouse Detectives

After working for various travel agencies, Christen’s sister-in-law, Brandi Daul, decided to combine her passion for the travel industry and Disney vacations and founded The Mouse Detectives.

Both Christen and Brandi are trained through Disney’s College of Knowledge and book all of their vacations through the certified Disney booking systems, which ensures all vacation are booked with the most current information, rates and offerings. They are in fact one of few agencies that have been “earmarked” within one year of opening.

Earmarked is a special designation given signifying that a travel agency is authorized by Disney; normally it takes agencies years to become Earmarked.

What do the Mouse Detectives do?

The Mouse Detectives specialize in Disney vacations of all types—cruises, european vacations, Disney World, Disney Land—if it’s Disney related, they can get you there. “Anyone looking to go on a Disney vacation can come to us.

We can plan the entire thing, or only help with a small portion,” Christen shared. What makes them unique is they don’t actually charge the client, but get paid directly from Disney.

Any tips for Disney vacations?

Of course, it had to be asked, what is the best time to visit Disney World? “Holidays and the summertime are peak seasons, and of course nearly all of Louisiana goes for Mardi Gras. That seems to be pretty unique to this area and it’s a really fun celebration. The best time to go to avoid crowds and take advantage of lower prices is early spring and early fall.”

Why New Orleans?

Mouse Detectives is based in New Orleans simply because Christen and her sister both love living here. Christen has been living in New Orleans for the past 34 years and enjoys the area because of not only the food, but the family-friendly vibe the city presents. “It’s a very European-feeling city. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else…unless it was Disney World!”

The happiest customers on earth

One thing that makes the Mouse Detectives unique is that most business comes from referrals, which demonstrates the high level of service and excellent vacations they provide their clients with. It may even be possible to say that Mouse Detective clients are “the happiest customers on earth, at the happiest place on earth.”

Check out the Mouse Detectives!

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