GISNOLA Core Values

Consider others more important than ourselves

It’s not all about “ME”!  We value others.  Our relationships with each other and with our clients are among our most valuable assets.  We attempt to treat others the way we want to be treated.

Go beyond what is expected

Good service is expected.  Professionalism is expected.  Efficiency is expected.  Obviously, we strive for those traits.  But those alone are not enough.  We want to go beyond the expected.  Sometimes we miss the mark.  We take responsibility for our actions and make things right.

Create a Team Environment

On any team, each member plays a vital role.  Can you imagine a quarterback without a good offensive line blocking for him?  Each of us has been gifted differently.  We recognize our role and perform accordingly for the success of the team, whether the team is our fellow staff or our clients who have hired us.  Team members also carry each other’s burdens in the midst of trials and they rejoice together when they experience success.

Pursue Growth and Learning

It’s important to us to be stretched and challenged so we don’t get complacent.  Both professionally and personally, we should be learning something.  It is through learning that we are challenged and we grow.  Be curious and ask questions.

Embrace Change

Change is a natural occurrence.  Just as changes in seasons produce growth in our natural environment, seasonal changes in business help to produce growth in our professional environment.  We are quick to embrace change as it presents itself and proactive to incite change as we see necessary.

Let Fun Happen

Fun happens and we let it.  We believe that laughter and humor are traits almost on par with integrity and character.  Humor, used properly, brings people together and breaks down barriers.

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