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Screwing Plywood on WindowMuch of what made our list of things to do to prepare your property for a hurricane are obvious, but I am always amazed that how often we overlook the obvious when we are rushed or stressed out.

  1. Cover your windows and sliding glass doors. If you have storm shutters, shut them. Otherwise cover them using plywood. You can tape your windows but that will not keep flying debris from breaking the glass. At best it prevents the glass from shattering.
  2. Clear your yard of anything that can take flight. Anything not tied down can potentially become a projectile causing damage. Secure all yard ornaments, outdoor furniture, Lawn tools, Kids toys, wind chimes, etc. Don’t forget your grills but keep those accessible because that may be your kitchen if you lose power.
  3. Bring in all potted plants. Not only can your potted plants become projectiles, more than likely they may be damaged and not recover in the high winds. You do not want all the time you have spent growing your plants lost. Put them inside your garage or screened in porch
  4. Trim your trees. If you have any trees on your property with low hanging branches or weak limbs, call the tree man. Get them cut now. You will not regret it.
  5. Clean your gutters. Your gutters and down spouts may have become clogged with debris since last season. You may even have plants growing in them. Clearing them of the debris is a great way to prevent potential water damage.
  6. Help your neighbors. Some of your neighbors might be elderly, single mothers, or disabled and they will need an extra hand. Take care of your stuff timely so that you can help others.

What do you think is the most important thing to do to your property in preparation for a hurricane? Post your comments on our Facebook page at

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