Hunkering Down

Hurricane KitLet’s say no mandatory evacuation has been issued and you chose to ride out the storm. Is your house stocked with the essentials you need to remain relatively comfortable should you lose power and water to your house? Here is our list of the top items to keep handy prior the storm rolling through.

  1. Flashlights, batteries & a radio. I know that I rarely check the batteries in my flashlights assuming they are still good from previous years. This is not usually the case. Although batteries and flashlight are not essential, they sure make life easier.
  2. First aid kit. You can buy very inexpensive first aid kits from the store. You should keep these stocked throughout the year. Make sure your kit includes pain relievers, bandages, alcohol, peroxide, anti-bacterial cream & wraps. Include any medication you currently take.
  3. An old school, traditional land-line telephone. Remember when phones had cords? If the power goes out and the cell towers are down, you will still be able to make calls. Old technology still has its place.
  4. Non-perishable food items. It is a good idea to have enough food for your household for 3-7 days. Don’t forget you need a place to cook that does not rely on electricity or natural gas. Fill your propane tank and buy charcoal. Keep on hand a non-electric can opener.
  5. Clean Water. Clean water may be the most important item on this list. You can stock up bottled water but also in a pinch I am told that the water in your hot water heater is clean. Consider also filling up your bath tub with clean water. If anything you can use if for cooking. You should have 1 gallon of water per person for 3-7 days.

This is nowhere near a comprehensive list and I am sure there are items you would need that others may not need. We’d like your feedback. What is your number 1 item that you would want to have with you when you ride out the storm? Post your comments on our Facebook page at

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