Best Website Resources for Hurricane Preparedness

Here are Garcia insurance, we like to be prepared for all types of situations including hurricanes. Recently, we posted a blog with our staff’s favorite and most helpful tips to prepare for a hurricane and now we are sharing the best online resources that we know of to help prepare for and track bad weather.

Just like we tell our insurance clients, having a plan for different types of disasters, especially hurricanes here in New Orleans, is so important and can make a difference in whether you are able to recover from a catastrophic event or not. The websites below can help you track storms, receive current weather updates, find pet-friendly hotels to ensure your four-legged friends aren’t left behind, as well as the best place for you to file a claim with us.

Here are the top hurricane resource websites from the Garcia Insurance staff:

1.) Best website for tracking hurricanes and storms:
Hurricane & Tropical Storms

 2.) Best website for pet friendly hotels, pet-friendly vacation rentals, pet sitting and other related pet-travel services and information searchable by evacuation route:
Pets Welcome

3.) Best website for weather updates specific to New Orleans and updates from agencies across New Orleans that work to keep residents safe:
Get NOLA Ready

4.) Best website to file a claim (we are a little partial to this one):
Garcia Insurance Services NOLA

5.) Best website for hurricane tracking:
National Hurricane Center

6.) American Red Cross checklist on what to do after a hurricane:

Where do you look for weather and storm updates?
Share your favorite website and hurricane tips with us below!

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