A Helping Hand from Miguel Ferreira

Above all, Miguel Ferreira loves helping people. His main motivation in life is to serve God, and he believes that his new role as an agent at Garcia Insurance Services allows him to do just that.

Miguel’s whole career has been about helping people. He spent eighteen years working in the Protection Department for the Mexican consulate in both San Antonio and New Orleans, where he helped Mexican nationals. When he decided to change careers, long time friend and now colleague, Gio Arenas, encouraged Miguel to consider a career in insurance since it too was a place where Miguel’s passion for people could be put to good use.

miguel-ferreira-garcia-insurance4Putting Passion to Good Use

A dedication to learning a new industry, combined with his involvement with Mexican consulate and referrals from the New Orleans Hispanic Chamber of Commerce helped smooth Miguel’s transition into insurance. He says he’s always learning something new about how to help his clients, and he loves getting out into the New Orleans community and meeting new people.

“One of the very best parts of my job is talking to people and learning what’s really important in their lives, so I can guide them on the best coverages and premiums.”

He says that many people don’t even know they need certain kinds of insurance or they’re not sure they can’t get it, so providing professional insurance advice feels like a really good deed. The honesty and integrity of GIS really appealed to him too. “I know that none of the agents here would ever sell a product that they wouldn’t buy themselves, and I love that about this agency.”

In His Spare Time

miguel-ferreira-garcia-insurance1When Miguel isn’t at work, he divides his time among some of his other passions, spending time with his wife Georgina, daughter Kimberly and his 2 chihuahuas, “Bonita” and “Bandido”. You can often find Miguel walking along the levee, or taking in a soccer game. But Miguel’s eyes really light up when he speaks about his service at his church Lakeview Christian Center, specially the Hispanic Ministry and the Care Team Ministry.
This ministry spent many weekends helping rebuild homes in Baton Rouge after the recent flooding and Miguel was heartbroken to see so many people without enough insurance coverage.

“People work so hard for their homes and their property, they sacrifice and struggle all their lives, and it’s terrible to see them lose it all if they don’t have enough insurance coverage. That’s one place where good producers can really be of service.”

Miguel’s #1 Insurance Tip

Miguel’s number one tip to clients and friends is to understand that the true value of their homes isn’t just about the cash or replacement value, but about the importance it has in their lives.

“Your home is the place where you make memories with your family, and if you lose it, it really can be like losing a member of the family. That’s why having the right coverage is so important.”

Hello from Bonita and Bandido

To speak to Miguel about your insurance coverage, or if you just want to talk, call 504.875.4077 or email him at miguel@garciafinancialgroup.com.


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