4 types of motorcycle insurance you need before hitting the road this summer

This is the summer of your wild hog road trip! Congratulations! This will be the best trip yet. You and five close friends will be touring 3 states, enjoying life of the open road and fulfilling a lifelong dream. What memories you will make! 

You’ve made the plans, took time off work, and recently bought your dream motorcycle. Now, before you go on to buy those stylish leather chaps you’ve had your eye on, make sure you can protect yourself and your bike and purchase motorcycle insurance.

There are a lot of different types of coverage you can buy to protect yourself and your motorcycle; some protect your bike if it’s stolen, some cover you in case of an injury, and some protect you incase you cause injury to others.


Here are a few types of insurance to make sure you have BEFORE taking those summer rides:


Comprehensive and collision:

Collision insurance covers you if your motorcycle is damaged in a accident with another vehicle or an object such as a sign post or a highway divider, even if you are the one at fault. It will pay to replace any damaged parts or repair those that can be fixed. Comprehensive policies cover non-collision events and accidents, such as a stolen bike, or damage from a fire or vandalism.

Medical payment insurance:

Medical payment insurance covers the cost of medical treatments or hospital stays resulting from an accident. This coverage normally protects you whether you were at fault or not. Make note that coverage is usually limited to treatments that take place within a certain amount of time after the accident and it is often limited to a certain dollar amount.

Bodily injury and property damage liability insurance:

Bodily injury and property damage liability insurance protects you against costs that you may be liable for in an accident that damages someone else’s property or injures another person. You are covered up to the limit of the liability amount. Most insurance carriers allow you to select the liability amount, so check with you agent to make sure your limit is one you are comfortable with.

Custom parts and equipment or accessory insurance:

This special insurance covers any equipment or accessories on your bike, including an item that enhances the performance, appearance, or utility of the bike. Equipment often covered under this type of insurance include the following:

  • Audio or communication equipment, including mounting hardware
  • Custom paint and exhaust equipment
  • Trailers designed for use with a motorcycle
  • Sidecars
  • Helmets, chaps, goggles and gloves

You may be at the crossroads of which insurance to get so don’t hesitate to contact your agent.  If you want the surest information, feel free to contact us at (844) 271-8508.  We understand it’s easier to walk some of things through rather than read tons of different documentation.  Happy Riding!

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